Pollen trap prevents hay fever, as described in New Scientist 23 November 2002, p20.

Australian scientists are currently running clinical trials on a device that filters air as it enters the nose in order to prevent pollen grains from triggering allergic reactions. Unlike conventional filters, which work like a sieve and rapidly get clogged up, the new device traps the pollen on a sticky surface but allows air to flow freely. It works on a simple application of physics that is already at work inside the nose. Inspired air is forced to flow around a right angle bend, pollen grains and dust particles, which are heavier than air and have more momentum will keep going in the same direction and fly into the sticky surface whilst the air changes direction and flows into the nasal cavity.

Editorial Comment: This device is a good reminder of the real history of the human race created perfection to degeneration. As the New Scientist article correctly points out the nose (and other air passages) use this method to trap particles out of the air stream before it gets to the lungs. Thus, it is good evidence that an Intelligent Creator, who is far smarter than the pollen trap designers, designed human noses. The sticky surface inside your nose is self-cleaning, constantly replaces itself and helps humidify the air as well. The pollen trap has to be replaced regularly.

The fact that some people need to be protected from pollen indicates that the human immune system is breaking down as the human race degenerates from its original perfect state.

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