Princess Margaret to be cremated “in a break with tradition” reported major news services following the Princess’ death in mid-February, which raises two questions: why the tradition of burying UK Royalty, and why break it and burn their bodies in the 21st Century. The following article extract received from the UK is enlightening.

A Calendar of Customs and Folklore from “Evergreen” Summer 2001. “Dr William Price was one of the most colourful and controversial characters in Welsh history. A druid, a radical thinker and an excellent doctor, he is best known as being the founder of modern-day cremation… At the age of 21, he became the youngest ever member of the Royal College of Surgeons… Through his wide reading and study of ancient languages, Dr Price became a druid. He could regularly be seen practising druidic rituals at the Rocking Stone on Pontypridd Common. … In 1871 his book entitled Gwyllis Yn Nayd (The Will of my Father) was published. It was intended to explain his druidic beliefs but, as it was written in a language of his own invention, few people could ever understand the book! … The most controversial phase of William Price’s life began in 1883 when his young partner Gwenllian Llewelyn (he rejected marriage based on the delusion that he was the legal lord of South Wales and therefore above the laws of Parliament) gave birth to his son. In a deeply religious society he dared to name the child Iesu Grist, meaning Jesus Christ. When the boy died aged just five months old, Price further angered the people of Llantrisant by trying to cremate the body in Caerlan Field… In ancient times cremation had been commonly accepted in Britain, but with the advent of Christianity it had become a forbidden practise… In his later years, Price made meticulous plans as to how he was to be cremated. These instructions were implemented when he passed away in his cottage on 23rd January 1893… In September 1947, Price’s daughter Penelope unveiled the stained glass windows of the chapel in Glantaf, Treforest (the first crematorium in Wales) as a memorial to her father. … The most notable tribute to Dr Price is the statue which was erected in the Bull Ring in Llantrisant in May 1982. Inscribed at the foot of the statue are the words: ‘Dr William Price (1800-1893). Surgeon, Chartist, Self-styled Druid.’ “

Editorial Comment: Just three thought provokers:

If the ancient Jews had regularly practised cremation Christ wouldn’t have risen bodily from the dead.

When God was dealing with the body of his servant Moses, God practised burial, not cremation.

The coming of the Creator-Christ (Christianity) to the UK put an end to cremation. The rebirth of paganism (evolutionism – nature worship) has brought it back. Pray for the British Royal family at present.

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