“Without Testosterone, humans would essentially revert to the default, which is female. The Book of Genesis is therefore wrong. It isn’t women who are made out of men. Men are made out of women. Testosterone, to stretch the metaphor, is Eve’s rib.”

Readers Digest September 2000, USA edition, p. 85

Editorial Comment: The reason the male produces so much testosterone is related to the fact that he received a Y chromosome from his father, whereas the woman did not. She got the X. Women are not the default sex, they are XX, and men are XY – totally different from the point of conception, and only possible because X and Y chromosomes have differing DNA, a factor that cannot come about from evolution in any way. There are screeds of abandoned theories on where sex evolved from.

Secondly, when God made Eve from Adam – it was an easy process – He didn’t have to make anything new. Eve could be made from Adam who possessed both X and Y chromosomes. In this way Eve and Adam would literally be one flesh in the beginning. The reverse however, to make Adam from Eve, is not possible, without inventing a new Y chromosome – so Adam and Eve would not be one flesh.

One last comment – would it surprise you that the Readers Digest author admits to suffering from HIV – perhaps she has a hidden motive for attacking the God of Genesis who opposes any sexual practise outside of marriage.

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