Resurrection a scientific question, according to a Letter to the Editor of Nature, vol. 433, p571, 10 February 2005.

After Nature published an editorial suggesting that religious leaders should be consulted when dealing with ethical issues in science, an irate atheist wrote a letter protesting against this idea, which began: “I was horrified to read the recent Editorial ‘Where theology matters’ (Nature 432, 657; 2004) in the world’s foremost science journal. Not only did the Editorial appear to support the position that science and religion deal with different aspects of reality (which they do not: for example, either Jesus rose from the dead or he didn’t – clearly a scientific question) … “ D. J. Hosken, Centre for Ecology and Conservation, The University of Exeter in Cornwall, Tremough, Penryn, Cornwall TR10 9EZ, UK.

Editorial Comment: The Apostle Paul would agree with this sceptic – the resurrection of Jesus is not a matter of personal faith, it is matter of a fact. Paul wrote: “If Christ is not risen from the dead, then your faith is in vain.” 1 Corinthians 15:17.

As we cannot directly investigate the past we must depend on the observation records made by reliable witnesses who were there. Thus, we believe in the resurrection of Christ because we have the records left by those who saw Him before His death, those who saw Him die and be buried, and those who saw Him risen from the dead. The same applies to the origin of the world and what has happened to it since then.

Thus, the conflict between creation and evolution is not blind faith versus fact-based science, but faith based on facts recorded by reliable witnesses who were there, versus faith in the speculations of evolutionists who were not there.

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