Revealing Ida – Creating an ancestor. Here is a brief summary of events

Discovery: Found by private collectors in 1983 in Messel, Germany

Publicity: Start of May orchestrated press leaks by David Attenborough et al.

Unveiling: 19 May 2009 at American Museum of Natural History New York

Claims: 47-million-year-old proof of evolution named Darwinius masillae, nicknamed Ida, Mass media hailed specimen as a “missing link” and even the “eighth wonder of the world”. Google Homepage evolves rapidly as image of Ida was put into logo.

Ida Devolves

21 May 2009 Chris Beard curator vertebrate palaeontology Carnegie Museum of Natural History stated: “Ida forms basis for new genus and species of adapiform primate, Darwinius massillae. Aadapids are branch of primate tree that leads to modern lemurs. Ida’s skeleton is remarkably complete, putting her in a small, elite group of well-documented fossil primates that includes North American cousin, Notharctus. Uniquely – Ida’s stomach contents and some of her soft anatomy are preserved. Ida lacked a “toothcomb” at the front of her lower jaw – which living lemurs use for grooming fur. Ida also lacked a “grooming claw” on her second toe, different from living lemurs. Ida’s overall proportions and anatomy resemble that of a lemur.”

Current Expert Conclusion: Ida is not the “missing link” between anthropoids and more primitive primates. Further study may reveal her to be a missing link between other species of Eocene adapiforms, but this hardly solidifies her status as the “eighth wonder of the world”.

27 May 2009: Massive media apology as world’s press reveals it is sorry for the hype that has misled the public and all blame should be placed on David Attenborough and his cronies.

Editorial Comment: We created the last item out of nothing – so don’t hold your breath waiting for the media retraction.

Evidence News, 27 May 2009

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