Science copies beetle sprayer writes Thomas F. Heinze: “Remember the bombardier beetle, famous for firing hot toxic fluid at its enemies through a squirter in its bottom? Science News informs us that this beetle: “is inspiring designers of engines, drug-delivery devices and fire extinguishers to improve spray technologies. It could also provide a much more energy-resourceful mechanism for fuel-injection in car engines and even lead to a new generation of fire extinguishers that can produce either a fine mist or large droplets depending on what type of fire needs to be put out.” (Science News, April 5, 2008)

Here is the Science News explanation of how the beetle can do it. “The key to the beetle’s powerful defensive trick is in its combustion chamber’s inlet (or entry) and exit valves. The inlet valve opens to receive the chemicals, which begin to boil as soon as they meet, and closes when a sufficient amount of gas has been received. As the gases react together, they generate heat and increase the pressure in the closed chamber. When the pressure reaches a critical point, the end of the exit valve is forced open and the hot fluid is ejected as a powerful burst of toxic steam in a process known as ‘flash evaporation’. Once the gas is released, the exit valve closes, the inlet valve opens and the chamber fills again, preparing for the next venomous ejection.” (Science News, April 5, 2008)

Editorial Comment: Why does man have to copy God’s creation to build a better sprayer? Because people have not been able to design sprayers that work as well. There is a reason for that: “Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men” (1 Corinthians 1:25). The beetle’s protective system gives great evidence for intelligent design, but evolutionists speculate that what really happened must have been that random, accidental changes called mutations made it, and natural selection got rid of all the accidents that did not improve it. Beetles that don’t have this wonderful defence system, however, are not only also still living, but vastly outnumber bombardier beetles.

Natural Selection? Wake up! In any event, Science News tells us that scientists have now decided to copy the beetle’s sprayer to make sprayers for their own industries because people have not been able to design sprayers that work as well. We assume that some of these who are humbly copying God’s wonderful design are evolutionists who are still trying to believe that the “best sprayer” was a lucky accident.

Nature is full of examples of wonderful design. Heavy bumblebees amaze me as they zoom by on tiny wings. Geckos that have a free moment when they are not selling insurance walk right up walls and across ceilings that are far too slick for other animals as heavy as a gecko to climb.

God came up with a simple and effective way to save sinners too. He gave His son Jesus, who carried our sins in his body on the cross. The bill is paid in full, and many have reaped the benefits. You can too. Accept His payment for your sins by trusting Jesus Christ to save you. Don’t even try to design another way. Let’s keep our minds and our eyes open to see the wonders of God’s design and creation, and say “thanks!” to our Creator who is responsible for ideas so smart that the best we can do is to copy them.”

Evidence News 12 December 2008

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