“Scorpion Robot Could Conquer Worlds” is not the title of a bad science fiction film, but it is the headline of an article in news@nature 10 February 2005.

Scientists at NASA’s Ames Research Centre in Moffett Field, California are currently evaluating an eight legged robot to see if it could be used to negotiate steep and uneven terrains that wheeled robots, such as those currently rolling around Mars, are unable to traverse. The walking robot was originally developed by Frank Kirchner of the University of Bremen. It walks by using a programmed pattern of movements similar to live scorpions and insects.

Silvano Colombano, a NASA scientist working on the project commented: “The program has the flexibility to allow it to adapt to the environment. It has reflexes that take over at the point when the motion is somehow obstructed. “

Walking robotics is a relatively new field,” writes Jessica Ebert for news@nature, “and engineers are taking cues from biology to give these machines versatile locomotive capabilities.”

Editorial Comment: If engineers have to take design “cues from biology”, they are admitting living things were designed by a Designer worth copying. This means they will be held accountable if they give the credit to any false gods, such as “evolution” or “nature” or “biology”.

Being able to study life forms and then apply the way they function to human inventions (creations) is part of our God-given mandate to fill the earth and subdue it (Genesis 1:29), but we must acknowledge and give thanks to God for His creative power or we will be judged (Romans 1:20ff.).

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