Sexy daddy-long-legs the same way for 400 million years, according a report in New Scientist, 20 September 2003, p19.

A team of palaeontologists led by Jason Dunlop of Humboldt University found fossilised harvestmen (a type of spider commonly known as daddy-long-legs) in silica formations at Rhymie, near Aberdeen in Scotland that are believed to be 400 – 412 million years old.

The fossils are so well preserved their respiratory (breathing) systems and male and female reproductive systems can be clearly seen. According to New Scientist these are the world’s oldest genitals and they haven’t changed for 400 million years.

Editorial Comment: If harvestmen haven’t changed for 400 million years, they haven’t evolved. Even if you believe in all those millions of years this represents a lot of reproducing after their kind just as Genesis clearly states. These spider fossils are also a good reminder that you’ve got to get sex right the first time or you’re extinct.

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