Shrimp eyes make better DVD players according to an article in ABC News in Science, 26 October 2009.

Researchers studying the eyes of an Australian crustacean have found that its eyes process light in a more complex way than any man-made DVD or CD player. The shrimps’ eyes are able to convert linear polarised light into circular polarised light, which is detected by special photo-receptors (light sensitive cells) known as R8 cells and converted to signals that are sent to the animal’s brain. The shrimps have a carapace that reflects circularly polarised light and it is thought that they use it to signal to one another.

Marine biologist Professor Justin Marshall of the University of Queensland, one of the researchers, commented: “They’re talking to each other with a secret light channel.” Marshall explained that the shrimp eyes work like a quarter wave retarder in the DVD player. However, the shrimp eyes can do this across the spectrum of colours, whereas man-made devices can only do it for one colour.

Nicholas Roberts of the University of Bristol in the UK, lead researcher in the study, said that studying the shrimp’s R8 cells “could help us make better optical devices in the future using liquid crystals that have been chemically engineered to mimic the properties of the cells in the shrimp’s eye.”


Editorial Comment: How can we not say it again – if this discovery does help chemical engineers to make better optical devices it will be because a lot of creative intelligence was involved. No-one believes DVD players could produce and interpret circularly polarised light by chance random processes. It is just as absurd to believe that the shrimp’s eyes and brain developed this ability.

The fact that the shrimps use circularly polarised light for signalling also reminds us that nothing in the living world works in isolation. For such light to be an effective communication medium, shrimps must first possess a reflective carapace, as well as the eyes to see it plus a brain with an inbuilt data recognition program to interpret it. Until all these are in place there can be no inter-shrimp communication.

The evolutionists not only have to explain how each of these components came into being without plan and purpose, but also how they came into being together, since the components on their own are no use and have no survival value.

Evidence News 17 February 2010

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