Software for stupid atoms puzzles well known Australian physicist Paul Davies as he speculates in New Scientist 18 September 1999 about the origin of life.

He admits life is not just chemistry. It is information carried on chemicals that makes living cells work. He asks “How did stupid atoms spontaneously write their own software and where did the very peculiar form of information needed to get the first living cell up and running come from?”

He then offers two possibilities blind chance, which he quickly dismisses, or “biological determinism.” Biological determinism is the belief that the laws of physics and chemistry somehow favours life chemicals linking together in the correct order needed for living cells. Paul Davies admits there is no evidence for this.

Editorial Comment: Davies refuses to admit, or even discuss, the most obvious and logical explanation life contains information on the chemicals because an intelligent creator placed it there. In fact Davies has a record of attacking anybody who accepts creation as “stupid” as the atoms he’s talking about.

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