Something “magic” about three, claims physicist, according to reports in Science Daily, and Nature, vol. 440, p289 and 315, 15 Mar 2006.

A team of scientists led by Cheng Chin of University of Chicago have converted three ultra-cold caesium atoms into a new state of matter that was originally theorised to exist by a Russian physicist named Vitaly Efirmov in 1970. The new state of matter, named Efrimov state, needed three atoms to form. Two caesium atoms weakly repelled one another, but when three were put together they attracted one another and formed a stable state. As such, they behave like a Borromean ring.

Chin explained: “This ring means that three objects are entangled. If you pick up any one of them, the other two will follow. However, if you cut one of them off, the other two will fall apart. There is something magic about this number of three.”

Science Daily

Editorial Comment: Even in the obscure world of quantum physics, scientists cannot get away from the “three-ness” of the universe. It is not a coincidence that very fabric of reality consists of stable trinities imposed on a unity. This is exactly what you would predict from the Scripture that tells us (Romans 1:20) that the God of the Bible not only created, but has stamped his divine Triune nature (three in one), on the creation.

The same Scripture also tells us this is so obvious, that we are without excuse for not recognising it in the Universe where three primary colours are found in a three dimensional space in which you can’t have any one dimension unless you have all three. Time is best described as past, present and future and again you must have all three, or you can’t have any one. Even humble matter normally has three states that become one at the triple point. Now go look for many more trinities in this unity that reflects the Nature of a Creator God who is One, yet Three.

Evidence News 5 December 2006

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