We’ve all lost 20 genes, according to reports in ScienceNOW and Science, vol. 335 pp. 823-828 17 February 2012 DOI: 10.1126/science.1215040.

As more human genomes are studied, scientists are finding many differences between individuals. Some of these may be just harmless variations, but others may cause genes to become non-functional. As genome technology improves scientists are able to work out which variations actually cause genes to become defunct.

Scientists working on the 1000 Genomes Project have carried out a detailed study of nearly 2951 possible “loss of function” variants of protein coding genes to see which ones rendered the gene useless. They found 1285 of these really did result in loss of function. The research team estimate that the average person is carrying around approximately 100 loss of function genes, many of which are known to be associated with genetic diseases.

As we have two copies of each gene deactivated copies are usually compensated for by an intact copy. However, researchers estimate that all humans are carrying approximately 20 genes where both copies are useless, meaning everyone has about 20 missing genes.

Editorial Comment: Our first report on the 1000 Genomes Project stated: “We predict that when the ‘1000 Genomes Project’ is completed it will confirm the Bible’s teaching that the human race is going downhill, devolving and not evolving. See Defunct Genes for All here.

This more detailed study is one more study confirming the predictive value of Creation Research. The data collected by this project will certainly help us understand genetic diseases and maybe help find ways of treating them. Therefore, it is a very useful project. However, we now predict the study won’t find any new genes evolving to give human beings useful functions they did not already have. It will only find more gene loss and dysfunction.

As we also said in our previous article: The only way to escape from this degeneration is to get a new body in the New Heaven and Earth which Christ the Creator and Saviour promises for all those who put their faith in Him.

Evidence News 29 February 2012

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