Fossil Thorns

Fossil Thory PlantJohn Mackay and Joseph Hubbard have found some great fossils in the Newcastle Coal Measures, on the east coast of Australia. These included fossil thorns on what seems to be a previously unrecorded species of Neuropteris, a seed fern.

Regardless of what the classification finally turns out to be it means one challenging thing, so are you bold enough to realise that all geological dating is based on geology’s founding father Charles Lyell’s aim to get rid of Moses from science regardless of the evidence (see quote and our comment here). And theistic evolutionists have swallowed this lie holus bolus!

Fossil ThornTheistic evolutionists believes thorny plants evolved from thornless seaweed over vast ages, but what is needed is for all of us to see things God’s way? After all He was there! There were no thorns until the Creator Christ as God the Judge cursed the ground after Adam sinned. So, finding fossil thorns means the coal bearing rocks around Newcastle are not 255 million years old, but have only formed since Adam sinned!

Wake up – all the secular dating authorities theistic evolutionists trust don’t actually care how old the rocks are … they only care how old they aren’t! That’s why the provably ever-changing rock ages are not facts, but the latest opinions of people desperate for an academic reputation rather than truth. Fossils are officially defined as being more than 10,000 years old, so they can be ruled out by fiat declaration as no help to anything Moses wrote in Genesis. Talk about ‘fake facts’

For more on our fossil thorn finds with photos see the articles Thorny Fossils and Fossil Thorns Now in Our Museum

BIBLICAL THORNS: Where do thorns fit into the real history of the world, and what is their significance for all people. Read the article Biblical Thorns. PDF here.

DARWIN AND THE AGE OF ROCKS: It was only after Darwin took on Lyell’s world view of vast geologic ages that he could work out his own theory of evolutionary biology. Darwin’s own writings show the resulting descent from the student who had some respect for the God of the Bible into the man who fully denied Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Read the article The Descent of a Man. PDF here.

Evidence News vol. 18 No. 13
29 August 2018
Creation Research Australia

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