Premier Radio UK asked us to supply a list of ten questions they could ask their very frequent speakers who are Theistic Evolutionists. Here’s our Creation Research Team’s list. We trust it helps you to challenge the followers Dennis Alexander, BioLogos, theological colleges such as Moore and others who fool themselves that they actually believe the Bible.

  1. If the Bible was your only source, would you ever suggest that Jesus Christ used evolution?
  2. Genesis teaches that physical thorns came into existence after God cursed the ground as judgement on Adam’s sin, and therefore they will be removed when the curse is removed. Why do you believe rocks containing fossil thorns are millions of years old, before mankind existed in the evolutionary timetable? We have personally collected these from Ordovician, Carboniferous, Permian, and Cretaceous rocks.
  3. Evolution is a process of death, disease, struggle and starvation, none of which are regarded by God or mankind as good. Why would you believe that Jesus Christ the Creator used such processes to create the world, and then hypocritically declared it to be “very good”? (Genesis 1:31)
  4. Evolution is a process of survival of the fittest at the expense of the unfit. Why would Christ, who is all wise and all good, deliberately make anything unfit, since that is neither clever nor good.
  5. If you believe the Genesis 1 narrative is ‘true’, but actually took millions of years, where are you going to put the long ages without making the Genesis sequence of events unbelievable and impossible, e.g. plants created on Day 3 needing to wait millions of years for their pollinators and seed dispersers (insects, birds and animals) created on Day 5?
  6. If God stamped his image on some already evolving hominids, were they miraculously transformed into human beings with the potential for eternal condemnation if they didn’t obey God? Surely, they would have been better off left alone?
  7. If the creation of Adam and Eve as one man and one woman is not historical reality, but merely a moral story imposed on ‘evolution from animals’, why did Jesus base his teaching on marriage by using Genesis 1 & 2 as literal history?
  8. God has promised he will create a new Heaven and Earth, where there will be no death, suffering or pain. (Rev 21:4, 22:3) But if he used struggle, suffering, disease and death to create the first earth, which he called very good, why should we trust Him to keep struggle, suffering, disease and death out of the new earth?
  9. Given that Christ is the Creator who is the Truth, and since as God he cannot lie (Numbers 23:19) and His word is truth (John 17:17), why would this same Christ take millions of years to evolve the world, then tell us he created it all in six days? (Exodus 20:11)
  10. The Apostle Paul teaches that sin and death came into the world through the actions of only one man, Adam (Romans 5:12-20), so only one actual man Jesus had to die to pay the penalty of sin. (1 Corinthians 15:17ff) How can this be if the events described in Genesis 3 are not real history, but just a moral story imposed on ape-like ancestors?

For the answer to Question 6 see: Human Evolution: Does it create any problems for Christians who believe it? Answer by Diane Eager here.

A PDF version of the ten questions is available if you would like to print and distribute free of charge.  Copyright remains with Creation Research.  Download PDF here.

Evidence News vol. 18 No. 13
29 August 2018
Creation Research Australia

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