King Penguins

GAYBC on gay penguins: Male penguin pair incubate egg, according to a report in Popular Science 12 August 2019 and ABC News 15 August 2019.

Two male king penguins in the Berlin Zoo were noticed to display mating gestures to one another soon after arriving in the zoo, and since then have tried to incubate stones and even dead fish as if they were eggs.  When a female penguin abandoned an egg the zookeepers gave it to the males, who have been caring for it.  The zoo has a group of six king penguins, with only one female, who has a history of abandoning eggs.  If the egg is fertile and hatches it will be the first penguin hatching the zoo since 2002.

The Berlin zoo penguins are not the first zoo penguins claimed to be gay or to incubate eggs.  Two male penguins, named Roy and Silo, in a New York zoo also made mating gestures to one another and tried to incubate stones.  The zookeepers gave them an egg, which they successfully incubated.  However, Silo did not remain “paired” with Roy, and later became attached to a female penguin.

ABC, Popular Science 

Editorial Comment: Penguin couples are well known for sharing the incubation of eggs, and sharing the care of chicks, so male penguins already have the physical and mental ability built in.  Therefore, incubating an egg is not an indication of homosexuality. It is also important to note the penguins in the report above are not living in a natural environment. They are kept in zoos, so their behaviour may be quite different from that in the wild. If penguins behaved like this in the wild they would die out. Note well that none of the male penguins produced the eggs they cared for.

Same sex behaviour in animals has been used to justify homosexuality as being a natural behaviour, and therefore should be accepted in human society. However, this is a false claim for several reasons, the most important being that humans are not animals.  Human beings are unique creations made in the image of God, and therefore our behaviour must be determined by God’s standards, not by anything we may see in other creatures.  In fact, God set the standard when He created the first human beings – He made one man and one woman and declared that marriage would be a faithful, lifelong relationship between one man and one woman.  (Genesis 1:27, 2:24)  This was confirmed by the Creator Christ during his earthly life as Jesus thousands of years later.  (Matthew 19:3-6)  Sadly, the first human beings rebelled against their Creator and ever since then humans have attempted to substitute God’s rules on human relationship with their own, but God has not changed and will punish those who don’t repent of breaking his laws.  Since then the whole living world has also degenerated, and this has led to many forms of animal behaviour that would not be tolerated in human society.  Many animal matings would be rated as the equivalent of rape, murder, assault, kidnapping and slavery if practised by humans.  This is another reason we should not look to the animal world to judge what is right and wrong.

For more details on “gay animals” see the question: Homosexual behaviour is widespread in animals. Doesn’t this prove it is a natural behaviour? Answer by John Mackay and Diane Eager here.

The GAYBC is a nickname for the ABC, otherwise known as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the tax-payer funded media outlet that has actively promoted homosexual and transgender causes for many years. The ABC are not the only tax-payer funded media outlet to openly promote the homosexual agenda.  See item below.

SONGS OF PRAISE GOES LGBT: The BBC are using a traditional Christian based programme to promote the LGBT agenda. “Songs of Praise” is a long running programme featuring Christian hymns and songs and interviews with church members presented by the BBC on Sundays.  For many housebound people who are unable to get to church this programme is a means of joining in Christian worship.  On 18th August the BBC broadcast a programme with the theme of “Faith and Marriage” based around two homosexual men getting “married” in a United Reformed church.  The programme did not present any marriages of a man and a woman, as the Bible defines marriage. For more details and links: Christian Institute.

Editorial Comment: The worst aspect of this programme is not the BBC, which is a secular organisation, but that a church should be promoting a practice that God’s Word declares to be sinful. The church is supposed to teach people to repent of their sins, not flaunt them on TV. Those who repent and turn away from the sins are assured of God’s forgiveness, but those who choose to hang onto their sins, and promote others to sin, must face God’s judgement. The United Reformed church should take heed of the warning given by the Apostle Peter “For it is time for judgement to begin at the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God?”  1 Peter 4:17

Evidence News vol. 19, No. 14
28 August 2019
Creation Research Australia

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