Reef expert spots fish fakes, according to a report in Science (AAAS) News 25 September 2019.

Peter Ridd, a marine scientist who was dismissed by James Cook University (JCU) for criticising the quality of research into coral reef bleaching, has examined photos used in a study of zebra lionfish social behaviour and found that photos of the same fish had been digitally edited and used in a collage of photos that looked like many different fish. His findings have been confirmed by independent image experts.

Ridd’s study is part of a critique of lionfish research on the Great Barrier Reef conducted at JCU over 10 years, and involving 20 published papers. The critique was initiated by a whistle blower who did not want to be named for fear of damage to his career in science. JCU has promised an investigation into the lionfish research, but has yet to start.

The whistle blower says the failure of journals and universities to take misconduct allegations seriously is “unethical” and for whistle blowers, “It’s exhausting. And depressing.”


Editorial Comment: Given what has happened to Peter Ridd we do not blame the unnamed whistle blower for trying to protect his identity. Peter Ridd took JCU to court for unfair dismissal and won his case, but the University is appealing against the judgement.

Scientific fudging and faking is becoming more prevalent even though at a minor level such misconduct has always existed. This trend is not surprising as science has by and large abandoned the very factor that drove it to believe in truthfulness in the first place – the guidance and restraint of their Creator and Judge. We predict such professional dishonesty fudging and faking will become worse as the Creator is more and more actively excluded from universities and research institutions.

In 2005 we wrote: All human activities, including science, will degenerate because success will become measured by “survival” in the intense competition to exalt oneself above others in the “struggle for existence”. See our report Scientists Have Sinned here.

Evidence News vol. 19, No.
9 October 2019
Creation Research Australia

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