Masters and slaves must go, according to BBC News 15 June 2020. The software development hub GitHub wants its users to stop using the terms “master” and “slave”, when referring to software systems where one system controls other copies or processes. According to the BBC “The years-old campaign to replace such terms has been given fresh impetus amid the resurgence of Black Lives Matter protests in the United States”.

Meanwhile Google’s Chromium web browser project and Android want software developers to use “racially neutral language” by not using the terms “blacklist” for items that are forbidden and “whitelist” for items allowed.

Link: BBC

Does this mean astronomers must no longer have black holes, nor audio
recordings labelled master copies which may contain white noise, and mechanics
must refuse to fix the slave cylinder in your car?

This kind of Marxist fundamentalist political correctness, not only imputes bad
motives to innocent people, but it also ignores the normal use of language.
Words get their full meaning only from the context they are used in, and
attempts to impose other meanings onto them not only causes confusion, it
prohibits truthful dialogue and problem solving – all much needed to deal with
the current race issues being manipulated around the planet. You see the same
thing when modern day liberal theologians try to impose different meanings to
words used in the Bible by ignoring their context, e.g. days.

By the way it pays to know that the BLM is a Marxist group that has perverted
the whole issue of injustice in the USA and elsewhere.

Creation Research News
25 June 2020