Real Rain Records.

Want to check on politicians’ and environmentalists’ views on climate or global warming? Then there’s nothing better than to get it from the people who were there, rather than a data sheet from a computer expert.

Above is a plot of very real historic data compiled by a man who was trained by Australia’s greatest and most successful long term weather forecaster Inigo Jones, who was a lay reader in his local church and firmly believed God invented weather, and since God was a God of law and order, if we could find the laws then we could predict the weather.

Where did the data come from? It is the rainfall at Laidley Queensland from 1890- 2006 compiled by Glen Johansen, whose family has been in the region since Europeans settled there and have kept the weather records, so it’s not just a computer simulation. It is actual history analysed by someone with real training.

What’s interesting is the prediction from the graph, and now proven to be accurate by the events of the last few years, is that we started to exit a drought cycle in 2008 and rain has increased since then, with devastating floods in 2011 and even more rain in 2012 – just what this graph compiled in 2006 showed would happen.

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