Stalagmite Notable Quotable:
Stalagmites are the calcite growth on the cave floor under dripping stalactites.  Stalagmites are the ones you might trip over.  Most researchers concentrate on measuring the slow growth of the mites and tites to bolster old earth claims.  New growth rate claims for mites makes interesting reading:
“The annual average laminated stalagmite vertical growth is 0.093 mm, increasing with warmer temperatures.”
Report in Reviews of Geophysics 3 March 2021, doi: 10.1029/2020RG000722.
Editorial Comment:  Note the photo of a stalagmite taken at Jurassic Ark of our experimental ‘Stalactite Machine’. Photo shows our stalagmite in October 2019. The experiment started October 2015.  The stalagmite was 31mm high after four years growth. Therefore, our actually observed rate of stalagmite formation is 7.75mm per year, or 83 times the estimate in the study reported above.

Stalagmite at Jurassic Ark

Furthermore, we have also observed leaves being trapped and fossilised in our stalagmites in a matter of weeks. Fossils have also been found in naturally occurring stalagmites. This could not happen if stalagmites only formed at 0.093mm per year.
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Creation Research News 5 May 2021

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