Potty training cows will aid climate control.  Just when you thought the man-made global warming proponents’ suggestions for controlling climate couldn’t get any sillier, this article was published in a serious scientific journal: “Learned control of urinary reflexes in cattle to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions”. Current Biology, 13 September 2021, doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2021.07.011.

The introduction in the Table of Contents states: “Dirksen et al. provide the first convincing evidence that cattle can learn to respond to internal bladder reflex cues and self-initiate use of a toilet for urination. Collection of urine deposited in toilets will help reduce ammonia emissions from cattle farming”.

Also see Science (AAAS) News 13 September 2021 and Science Alert 14 September 2021.

Links: Current Biology, Science, Science Alert

Editorial Comment: We are not making this up. Check out references above.

Creation Research News 15 September 2021

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