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Researchers at University of Tasmania and Clemenger BBDO are planning to build a Black Box that will record data from environment (e.g. sea temperatures, CO2 levels), human activity (e.g. land use, population) along with media reports on events such as climate conferences. They are using the term Black Box in the same sense as a Black Box in an aircraft or ship that records data to be used by investigators after an adverse event.

According to Science Alert the box will be located “At a distant end of the Earth – hidden somewhere on the remote Australian island of Tasmania”.

The team state on their website “The purpose of the device is to provide an unbiased account of the events that lead to the demise of the planet, hold accountability for future generations, and inspire urgent act. How the story ends is completely up to us.”

Sources: ABC News and Science Alert 6 December 2021; Earth’s Black Box website

Editorial Comment: An Australian geography lesson needed here. Tasmania is not a remote island at “a distant end of the earth” somewhere near the South Pole. It is the large island just south of mainland Australia, and is closer to the equator than Britain, Canada and most of continental Europe.

The serious issue raised by claims of the Black Box builders is how the world is going to end, and who is responsible. How the story ends for humanity has been determined by the Creator who made the earth and human beings in the beginning – the Lord Jesus Christ, who is also Judge and Saviour. He judged the world when the first human beings sinned against Him, and later came to earth as the man Jesus to pay the penalty for sin. He rose from the dead and now reigns in Heaven, but He will return to Judge the world and bring it to an end. This will be determined by the will of God the Father, so make sure you have put your trust in God the Son (Jesus) before your story ends.

Creation Research News 9 February 2022

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