Buried Bones

When archaeologists find buried human skeletons in an excavation they are usually able to identify them as male or female according to their bone structure and DNA.  The Black Trowel Collective of American, a group identifying themselves as “anarchist archaeologists,” are now claiming that “archaeologists must centre the fluidity of gender in their archaeological practice”.  This means they want archaeologists to classify human skeletons as “non-binary” or “gender neutral” rather than identifying them as male or female. 

However, mainstream archaeologists and historians are not persuaded.  Jeremy Black, emeritus professor of history at the University of Exeter, commented: “It is an absurd proposition, as the difference between genders, just as the difference between religious, social and national groups, are key motors in history.” 

Frank Furedi, emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent also warned against imposing modern day gender ideology on past societies.  He commented: ‘If you look at history, one of the foundations of civilisation is the distinction between man and woman, whether it be in the Bible or yin and yang in Chinese philosophy, so when you distort that you get a completely different version of what has happened.”

Reference: Daily Mail 24 July 2022

Editorial Comment: If you want to know what a society thinks about men and women you must also include the written records of what they believe, not just their preserved bones. In addition, let’s be honest, the bones are either male or female, and if there is enough of the skeleton, or if DNA can be extracted from them, they can be identified as such.

It is interesting that a secular sociologist should mention the Bible, but he is correct in his interpretation – the Bible does make a distinction between men and women. That distinction is significant because the Bible claims to be the word of the Creator who stated He made human beings male and female in the beginning. This is affirmed by Jesus, and cannot be ignored or defied by modern day academics or church leaders.

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