Night Sky

How Old is the Universe?

How old did you say the universe is?  15 July 2020: “Now new research published in a series of papers by an international team of astrophysicists, including Neelima Sehgal, PhD, from Stony Brook University, suggest the universe is about 13.8 billion years old.”  ScienceDaily 15 July 2020 27 July 2020: “Using known distances of 50 […]

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Great Unconformity

Missing Billion Years May Be Found

Missing billion years may be found, claim scientists, according to reports in ScienceDaily and UC Santa Barbara News, 7 May 2020, and PNAS published online 27 April 2020, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1913131117. The rock layers covering the earth are considered to be a record of the evolution of life over many millions of years, but the record […]

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Sharp Edge Ring Mystery

Sharp edge ring mystery reported in New Scientist 10 July 2004, p10. Photos from the Cassini probe, currently exploring Saturn and its rings, have revealed “a host of ringlets with unexpected sharp edges – a mystery, as collisions (over billions of years) between the particles should smooth out the edges.” Editorial Comment: The solution to […]

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New Age Aussie Fossil

New age Aussie fossil in the British Natural History museum. When John Mackay first photographed the fossil Paracyclotosauraus davidi (a large Salamander-like labryinthodont) in 1987, it was labelled 200 million years old. When John photographed the same fossil in 1999, it was labelled 235 million years old. My how time flies! According to The Natural […]

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