Giant Wombat Skull

The fossil of a giant wombat skull has been found in a Central Queensland cave. The fossil has been classified as Ramsayia magna, a species previously known from isolated teeth and jaw fragments. Researchers estimate the wombat was the size of a “really large sheep” and weighed around 130kg. Modern day wombats can grow to […]

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Giant Hippos Lived in Warm Britain

Giant hippos lived in warm Britain, according to reports in ScienceDaily and University of Leicester News 4 October 2021 and Journal of Quaternary Science, 4 October 2021 doi: 10.1002/jqs.3375. Palaeontologists from University of Leicester and Royal Holloway, University of London, have found the tooth of an extinct hippopotamus named Hippopotamus antiquus in Westbury Cave in […]

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