Fish on Beach

Back Flip Caused Fish to Evolve

Back flip caused fish to evolve, according an article in Nature News and Science (AAAS) News 15 February 2018. In 2014 Steven Balbus of Oxford University UK claimed that the moon was 10% closer to the earth 400 million years ago and this would have resulted in larger tides, which would have left fish stranded […]

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Rain Cloud

40 Year Aussie Rain Cycles

40 year Aussie rain cycles found, according University of Newcastle News and Australasian Journal of Water Resources doi: 10.1080/13241583.2018.1446677, 18 March 2018. Researchers at the University of Newcastle, Australia, Anthony Kiem and Greg McMahon, have carried out a survey historical flood date from 10 catchment areas in South East Queensland. Their work extended a study […]

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Shifting Winds Release Ocean Carbon Dioxide

Shifting winds release ocean carbon dioxide, according to a report in ScienceDaily, 13 March 2009. Many scientists believe the dramatic climate shift involved in ending the last ice age, usually dated as being around 17,000 years ago, occurred due a change in the earth’s orbit. Ice core records show an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide […]

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Little Room for CO2 in Climate Change

Little room for CO2 in climate change, according to 24 July and Baylor University news 27 July 2009. Chris de Freitas of Auckland University, NZ, along with Australians John McLean and Bob Carter, have studied records of lower atmospheric temperatures from 1958 to 2008 and found a strong correlation with natural phenomena including “internal […]

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Hurricane Blows Off Global Warming

Hurricane blows off global warming, according to a report in Science News vol. 171, p358, 9 June 2007. Since the mid 1990’s there has been an average of four Category-3 or stronger hurricanes in the North Atlantic and Caribbean, and many scientists and environmentalists have blamed this high number of strong hurricanes on global warming. […]

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