Intelligent Design Counter Claims

Intelligent design counter claims as US school legislators gang up to fight off the Intelligent Design movement which they claim is a cover for getting creation science into schools under a new name. Their argument is with people such as Michael Behe, a Biochemist at Oelehigh University, who claims in his book Darwin’s Black Box […]

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Giant Fossil Camel in Arctic Canada

Giant fossil camel in found arctic Canada, according to Wired Science 6 March 2013 and Fossil Science 9 March 2013. Canadian and British scientists have studied 30 fragments of the leg bone found on Ellesmere Island in Canada’s High Arctic. The fragments were in rocks dated 3.4 million years old – a time designated as […]

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Bird Wing

Dinosaur Age Bird Keratin

‘Dinosaur age’ bird keratin found according to reports in ScienceDaily 21 November 2016, ABC News 24 November 2016 and PNAS doi: 10.1073/pnas.1617168113, published online 21 November 2016. In recent years scientists studying the microscopic structure of fossil birds and dinosaurs, have found small structures that look like melanosomes, granules containing the pigment melanin. There has […]

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