Japanese Bring Asteroid Sample Back to Earth

Japanese bring asteroid sample back to earth and all types of claims emerge about finally finding the origin of the solar system and life. Over the past few years scientists have sent probes to the far reaches of the solar system and collected comet dust, meteorites and now asteroid material, all with the purpose of […]

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Sharp Edge Ring Mystery

Sharp edge ring mystery reported in New Scientist 10 July 2004, p10. Photos from the Cassini probe, currently exploring Saturn and its rings, have revealed “a host of ringlets with unexpected sharp edges – a mystery, as collisions (over billions of years) between the particles should smooth out the edges.” Editorial Comment: The solution to […]

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Not So Average Sun

A not so average sun may interfere with the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI). The logic behind the search is that Earth is the average planet of an average star (the Sun) in an average galaxy. Therefore there should be plenty of solar systems with planets like ours, so the universe must be teeming with […]

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