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Humans Still Evolving

Humans still evolving, claim scientists, according to Flinders University News and SciTech Daily 8 October 2020, BBC Science Focus and Science Alert 9 October 2020, Interesting Engineering 11 October 2020, and Journal of Anatomy published online 10 September 2020 doi:10.1111/joa.13224.  Researchers at Flinders University and University of Adelaide have found an increase in the number […]

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Dangerous Global Warming Forecasts?

How accurate are dangerous global warming forecasts? An Australian university professor reports they are “All up in the air”, according to the Courier Mail 30 June 2007. Professor Bob Carter, a James Cook University geologist, who studies ancient environments and climate, commented on the latest admission of weather guru Kevin Trenberth, head of the US […]

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No Wonder Trump Won

No wonder trump won, as BBC News and World Meteorological Organisation 14 November 2016 proclaim 2016 will be world’s warmest year on record, and this has been mimicked by media everywhere. According to the BBC, scientists are 90% certain 2016 will be the hottest year on record, based on nine months of data for this […]

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Scientific American Survey

A Scientific American survey says “a startling 45 per cent of Americans now believe God created life some time in the past 10,000 years,…” Even among US Catholics 40 per cent still believe this despite Pope John Paul’s affirmation of the theory of evolution in 1996 – thinking the Pope is senile and should be […]

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