“Dinosaurs ruled most of the earth – but not Queensland Australia” claims palaeontologist Tony Thulborn, according to Nature Science Update 19 Mar 2003.

Thulborn and a colleague from Monash University (Australia) found pieces of a skull of an extinct mammal-like reptile that had been dated as 105 millions years old in the Queensland Museum (Australia). They identified it as a Dicynodont a creature supposed to have died out in a mass extinction 220 million years ago making way for dinosaurs to take over the earth. Rather than speculate that this creature rose from the dead after 115 million years Thulborn suggested it lurked in the remote eastern regions of the ancient land mass that eventually became Australia.

Editorial Comment: This is not the only example of a creature turning up after it was supposedly extinct. Some, like the coelacanth, have even turned up alive. Dicynodonts were large bizarre looking creatures with hippo-like body, tusks and a beak like a turtle. It is quite possible these creatures, along with other “pre-historic” creatures are the basis for some of the monster and dragon myths found in almost all human cultures. Thulburn’s find is also no help to the theory of evolution. The reason he could identify it as a Dicynodont is that it hadn’t changed in the 115 million years Thulborn believed it had been lurking in Queensland.

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