Anglican Archbishop says stop teaching creationism reports The Guardian, 21 March 2006.

“The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has stepped into the controversy between religious fundamentalists and scientists by saying that he does not believe that creationism – the Bible-based account of the origins of the world – should be taught in schools. Giving his first, wide-ranging, interview at Lambeth Palace, the archbishop was emphatic in his criticism of creationism being taught in the classroom, as is happening in two city academies founded by the evangelical Christian businessman Sir Peter Vardy, and in several other schools. “I think creationism is … a kind of category mistake, as if the Bible were a theory like other theories … if creationism is presented as a stark alternative theory alongside other theories I think there’s just been a jarring of categories … My worry is creationism can end up reducing the doctrine of creation rather than enhancing it,” he said. … Dr Williams spoke of his determination to hold the third-largest Christian denomination together in its row over the place of gay clergy. He was also highly critical of parts of the church in Africa and said he did not wish to be seen as “comic vicar to the nation”, speaking out on issues where he can make no difference. … Speaking of the gay debate which threatens to split the church, Dr Williams insisted he would continue to try to hold the communion together. “I can only say that I think I have got to try … For us to break apart in an atmosphere of deep mistrust, fierce recrimination and mutual misunderstanding is really not going to be in anybody’s good in the long run.” But he accepted there might come a moment where the Anglican Communion says “we can’t continue, we can’t continue with this”.

Interview links: ‘I am comic vicar to the nation‘  Rowan Williams interview

Editorial Comment: When will church leaders recognize that the two subjects confronting the archbishop above are linked. Christ’s teaching on human marriage and his teaching that homosexuality is an utter abomination to God is based on the historic fact of His creating male and female specifically for marriage of male and female only (see Matthew 19:1-7, and its cross ref to Gen 1:27 and 2:24) You let the schools not teach creation and only teach evolution and student sexual mores will evolve in any direction that their sinful nature takes them, till they reach what the True Creator God has the right to label as the perverted position of thinking homosexuality is OK, even clergy can be gay because their evolved god accepts it.

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