God probably exists according to British physicist, reported in Hindustan Times April 5, 2004.

Dr Stephen Unwin, graduate of Imperial College London, used the 200 year old Bayers theorem to calculate there was a 67% chance God existed. Unwin weighed the existence of evil and suffering against miracles divided into supernatural events and miracles that occur when prayers are answered. Then factored in freewill, innate goodness in human beings and sense of morality and the many arguments for and against God’s existence. Unwin’s argument has been released in his book, released April 30th. The Probability of God: a simple calculation that proves the ultimate truth.

Editorial Comment: Factoring in Romans 1:20 which states even the invisible things of God are clearly seen and understood by all that has been made, so men are without excuse, means that Dr Unwin has a margin of error of 33% for his calculation. We’ll let you think about it.

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