Alan Pan, an engineer based in Los Angeles, USA, has designed and built a device that enables snakes to walk on four legs. The device consists of a long tube open at both ends that a snake can crawl into. Attached to this are four robotic legs, each fitted with servomotors. The walking pattern is programmed into a laptop and the device can be activated wirelessly using a tag attached to a keychain. Alan Pan’s video shows him taking a snake for a walk in the device with the activating tag attached to the device like a dog leash.

In order to get the robotic legs to move in reptile-like manner Pan studied the gait of western three-toed skink (Chalcides striatus), a species of lizard with four tiny legs. According to Pan, “They might be the closest thing I could find to an actual snake with legs.” According to evolutionary theory snakes used to have legs but lost them about 150 million years ago due to genetic mutations.

After he and a professional snake handler persuaded a snake to crawl into the device and stay inside while it transported the snake on the robotic legs, Pan claimed “150 million years of evolutionary mistakes reversed in a single day”.

Alan Pan also commented about snakes: “I actually feel bad for snakes; they lost their legs and nobody is even trying to find them – nobody except for me. When any other animal has deformed legs, humanity comes together to spit in God’s face and we built that animal awesome new cyborg legs.”

References: Interesting Engineering 15 August 2022;  Daily Mail 16 August 2022 

Editorial Comment: Don’t miss it – spitting in God’s face is the real agenda here.

However, this robotic device is a clever piece of engineering and Alan Pan should be congratulated for designing it. The fact that it took careful observation of reptiles walking, and creative design to make the robotic legs should remind Pan that real snake legs were the result of creative design by the God he despises, not the random evolution he has faith in. Furthermore, Pan’s device cannot be said to really give snakes their legs back as the snake is unable to control the device.

We would warn Pan not to “spit in God’s face”. If Pan really believes God took legs off snakes, he should investigate why it happened. Snakes did not lose their legs by an evolutionary accident. It was a judgement for rebellion against God, who created all living things. See Genesis 3: 14. This same God, who is Jesus Christ, will hold all those who want to rebel against Him to account when He comes to judge the world. Therefore, we urge Alan Pan and anyone who watches the video about his device to put their faith in Jesus who is also the Saviour, before they have to face Him for judgement.

Pan is correct in that snake leg loss is the result of genetic mutations, but that is not evolution. It is degeneration, and is one special part of the overall degradation of the world that occurred as a result of human sin and God’s judgement. There is evidence that serpents (as the Bible describes them) did have legs in the past. Some snakes, such as pythons, have tiny residual legs which can be used in mating, even though they cannot be used for walking. There are also fossil snakes that have tiny legs.

Creation Research News 24 August 2022

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