Greenland ice cap melt is a plus as “the vast lakes and melting ice cap provide enormous potential for electricity free from fossil fuel, and the Greenland government is negotiating with Alcoa, an aluminium company, to build the world’s second largest smelter, reported Paul Brown in Greenland in The Guardian 4 October 2007.

Editorial Comment: There is profit in even the worst opportunities to the man who can see beyond the gloom. So the Eskimo will not have ice to hunt on to find seals to use their fat for his oil lamps and for food. Farming is much healthier, and you don’t have to kill seals to get electric light. God gave man dominion over His created earth (Genesis 1:26) and we must use it – not to preserve our favoured lifestyles that become irrelevant due to changing circumstances, but to benefit all man and this free green electricity is a good way to go.

Evidence News 31 October 2007

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