Shark teeth didn’t evolve, according to a report in New Scientist 18 February 2006, p17.

Chuck Ciampaglio of Wright State University, Ohio has studied the teeth of marine predators, including sharks, reptiles and mammals “from the past 100 million years”. After measuring overall size, cross section, serrations and number of cusps he classified them into “five designs, with distinct functions”. He found that marine reptiles had “thick pointed conical teeth able to puncture and crush prey” and sharks that lived at the same time had “a variety of tooth types, such as small teeth with low crowns good for clutching, or teeth suited to grinding open hard shelled prey.”

Marine mammals had either pointed conical teeth or “slicing and gouging teeth” like sharks. As marine reptiles are believed to have died out before marine mammals evolved, an ecological niche for animals with pointed conical teeth was left empty for 15 million years, but sharks did not evolve such teeth even though they continued to inhabit the seas after the reptiles died out.

Editorial Comment: Evolutionists often claim that new types of life forms evolved because others had become extinct and left vacant environmental niches, e.g. extinction of the dinosaurs supposedly allowed primitive mammals to proliferate and evolve into the many different types of mammals that now live on earth. However, for a living creature to develop a new characteristic it needs new genetic information. An empty ecological niche will not provide this.

In fact, the fossil record of sharks fits Biblical history. The oldest sharks in the evolutionist fossil collection were found in geologic record as distinct, fully formed animals, clearly identifiable as sharks. Since then some have died out and many have shrunk, and all survivors have produced their own kind. This is exactly what you would predict if sharks were created as separate kinds and have been affected by the degeneration of the world that has occurred because of human rebellion and God’s judgement. (Ref. elasmobranches, ecology, evolution)

Evidence News 19 July 2006

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