Skilful stone tools described in an article in New Scientist, 9 April, 2005.

French scientists from CNRS, a French national research organisation, examined over 2,000 stone fragments from a site named Lokalei 2C, west of Lake Tukana, Kenya and worked out the procedure involved in making them, from selecting the best raw material to striking at the right place to get the rock flakes to split off, creating a sharp edge. Even if the original tool-makers did not find the right raw material “they appeared to know the best way to work it, striking the right spot at the angle needed to get the best flakes.”

The site is considered to be one of the oldest sites for stone tools, dated as 2.34 million years, so the scientists believe the tools were made by early hominids. However the tools appear to be “produced with skill and technical sophistication.” The number and sophistication of the tools indicate the toolmakers “were capable of mass production that required forward planning.”

Brian Richmond, an anthropologist at George Washington University, Washington DC, commented: “It is clear the hominids had some mental image of what they were trying to make. You couldn’t make a stone tool this way by throwing a rock on the ground or hitting it a couple of times.”

Editorial Comment: The conclusions made about these tools are quite correct. Making useful stone tools does require forward planning and clever manipulation of raw material. The stone tools are actually ‘creations’ – something present day scientists claim not to be able to recognise. However, they did recognise it in these stone tools, even though they did not see the tools being made.

The fact is scientists can recognise creation whenever they choose. That is why the Apostle Peter calls those who refuse to recognise that the world was created, as being deliberately ignorant, (2 Peter 3:5) and the Apostle Paul warns them they will be judged if they do not repent (Romans 1:18-20).

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