100 years ago remarkable rain downunder reported in Nature “From the Archive” 20 March 2019.

Nature reported: “The Times of March 17 gives an account … of a remarkable Australian rainfall. It states that “the extraordinary rainfall at Melbourne threatens the greatest flood since 1891. The south-eastern corner of Victoria and New South Wales is almost engulfed … At Macedon 8 in. were registered in twenty-four hours, and other watersheds have been converted into lakes. Thousands of persons are homeless. Thirteen inches of rain in twenty-four hours has practically drowned the township of East Bellingen, in New South Wales. Although the damages are estimated to aggregate tens of thousands of pounds, the benefits from the breaking of the drought will be represented by hundreds of thousands.””


Editorial Comment: These days, when all extreme weather events are presented as evidence of man-made global warming, and used to scare schoolchildren, it is important to be reminded that floods, along with cyclones, heatwaves, snowstorms, etc. are normal variations in climate, and have been happening as long as we have been observing it. We may not have had the precise measurements from satellites and remote sensors a century ago, but we do have records of hot, cold, wet and dry times through the centuries.

Climate change is real, but thousands of years of agricultural history tells us that is has been going on for a long time. There are things we need to do to care for the places we live, but we need to be humble enough to acknowledge that only the Creator God can control the sun, the rain and winds. Jesus’ disciples were rightly overcome with awe and amazement when Jesus commanded the wind and the raging waters and they obeyed him (Luke 8:25). Our political and media leaders should follow their example.

For another record of Australian rain cycles a century ago, as kept by the people who were there, see Australian Rainfall Cycles here.

Evidence News vol. 19 No.5
27 March 2019
Creation Research Australia

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