Climate on trial in Queensland, according to the Courier Mail 27 March 2019.

Last year (2018) Professor Peter Ridd was fired from his position as a scientist at James Cook University, Queensland after questioning the quality of research used as evidence that the Great Barrier Reef is in danger due to global warming. He had previously contacted a journalist about misleading photographs of the Great Barrier Reef, and expressed his concerns “about the quality assurance of research papers on the poor health of the Great Barrier Reef”.

The Courier Mail reports “He said the before and after images showed the reef quality in an area off Bowen declining, but argued they were selectively taken to leave out the “spectacular” coral that was thriving in the same area”. Prof. Ridd wrote: “This is a relatively trivial though visually spectacular example of bad science on reef”.

Ridd had been censured twice for expressing his views and suggesting some questions that needed to be asked about the research. He was dismissed in April 2018 on the basis of violating the University’s code of conduct, even though the code of conduct allows staff to express controversial and unpopular views.

Ridd is now taking the university to court for wrongful dismissal.

Editorial Comment: Asking questions and expressing controversial and unpopular views should be part of normal university life. That doesn’t make them right, but when only one side is allowed to express its views no-one will find the truth.

Peter Ridd’s experience is part of an increasing attitude in schools, colleges and universities that does not allow any views apart from those of the ruling elite. If you think this is paranoia, try getting someone who questions man-made global warming, or homosexuality, or evolution to speak, or even be part of a discussion, at a campus near you.

For more on this issue see the question: CONSPIRACY? Are you saying that all scientists are part of a conspiracy in promoting evolution? Answer here.

Evidence News vol. 19 No.5
27 March 2019
Creation Research Australia

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