Gay and transgender ideology is taking over schools. Schools are increasingly becoming places of indoctrination into gay and transgender politics.  Here are two examples.

GAY UP OR PAY UP, according to reports in Daily Mail 22 May 2019 and Christian Institute 26 May 2019.

Greystanes High School in Sydney held a “mufti day” i.e. a day when students don’t have to wear school uniform.  This is a popular way of raising money for charities in schools as those attending in mufti give a donation to the charity.  The Greystanes mufti day was held “to show support for the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia” and students were told to wear rainbow colours to show their support. Those wearing rainbow colours would be asked to donate one dollar to the cause, those arriving in mufti, but not in rainbow colours would be expected to pay two dollars.  The letter sent to the parents stated: “Students may also elect to attend in full school uniform.  But if a student is out of uniform and does not donate they will be chased up until they pay up.”

After some objections the school apologised for “a poorly worded letter”. The New South Wales Education Department, the state government authority in charge of the school “counselled” the school over the letter and claimed “participation and donations were absolutely voluntary.”

The Christian Institute’s Education Officer John Denning commented: “Similar events have taken place at schools in the UK. Christian kids and others who feel they can’t go along with it turn up to school in uniform and find themselves marginalised or even bullied, because they disagree with the pro-LGBT message.”

“YOU ARE ALL HONORARY MERMAIDS” stated transgender lobby group trainer, according to report in Christian Concern 26 May 2019. A student in a Church of England (C of E) primary school announced to his class he was transitioning to be a girl.

The school Board of Governors, staff and other parents of students at the school had not been informed before the announcement so there were no policies in place on how to respond to such claims. The Head Teacher told them that support for transgender ideology was now school policy and the transgender lobby group Mermaids was invited to the school to give them “training”.

The Mermaids training session made it clear that gay and transgender ideology prevailed over any other personal or cultural beliefs, and that using the “wrong” pronoun for someone in transition was “hate crime”.  When one of the Board members, a Church of England vicar who has a biology degree from Oxford University, politely attempted to express his Christian and scientific view on the issues involved, he was abruptly silenced by the Head Teacher, and the Mermaids trainer stated: “I don’t have to listen to this”.  At the end of the training session the staff and governors were told “You are all now honorary mermaids, whether you want to be or not.”

The vicar has resigned from the school board and from the Church of England. He commented: “I felt it (the school) was no longer a Christian place of truth but a place of fear and intimidation. This was compounded at the Mermaids training session.” He has been deeply troubled by the C of E’s promotion and enforcement of politically correct ideology, including transgender ideology.  In his resignation letter to the Bishop the vicar wrote that he feared children were being “sacrificed on the altar of trans ideology”.

Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of the Christian Legal Centre, and a member of the C of E synod, commented: “This is not an isolated case and we are going to see more and more like it if nothing is done.” She went on to say: “The Church of England has one million children in its care. This is a serious God-given duty which the church is failing at. It has invited the new state ideology into the classroom and it has lost confidence in its own message of what it means to be human. The Church needs to act before it is too late.”

Christian Concern, Christian Institute, Daily Mail

Editorial Comment: Note the Greystanes school only apologised for a “poorly worded letter” not for promoting gay and transgender ideology with the intent of showing up those who disagree with it, and who will be bullied, even if not chased for money.

Schools, colleges, workplaces, sports clubs and other organisations are in this bind because churches in general, not just the Church of England, have not stood on the truth of God’s word, that God created human beings male and female. The message of “what it means to be human” is firmly based in creation, and those churches and theological colleges who have compromised on the truth of Genesis have opened the door to the type of ideology now being imposed on school students and the general public.  If Genesis is just a myth it can easily being replaced by another myth, such as the one being perpetrated by Mermaids and other lobby groups.  Only truth has any authority, and the Church of England vicar with a science degree is correct in objecting to the transgender myth on both Biblical and scientific grounds.

For more details see the question: TRANSGENDERING? Is it possible to change your gender? Answer here.

We would also remind all those groups that want to appropriate the rainbow to promote their ideology that the rainbow is God’s creation and His sign of judgement and salvation for the whole human race, as set out in Genesis 9:12-17. All those who use the rainbow to promote anti-Biblical lies will one day be held accountable to their Creator and Judge – Jesus Christ.  This same Creator and Judge also offers the free gift of salvation to all who turn to him.  We encourage Christians to use the rainbow to remind people that God created light and gave it the properties that result in beautiful rainbows in the sky, and has decreed the rainbow to be a sign of His promise to preserve the earth from destruction by flood until it is time for the final judgement.  The same Creator God who saved Noah’s family out of the Flood offers salvation from the judgement that is to come, when He will destroy the earth by fire.  Therefore, the rainbow is a reminder of the need to repent and believe the good news of eternal salvation in Christ.  A graphic summary of this message is available from Creation Research here.

Evidence News vol. 19, No. 11
26 June 2019
Creation Research Australia

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