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“I made it up”, writes gender theorist in an article in Quillette 17 September 2019.

Gender historian Christopher Dummitt of Trent University, Canada, was one of the leading promoters of the idea that gender is a social and cultural construct, rather than being based on the biological fact that there are two sexes – male and female. Dummit was a student and then an academic when Women’s and Gender Studies became the dominant force in University history departments. As part of his studies and teaching he published books and papers, where he claimed gender was “a historically changing set of concepts and relations that gives meaning to differences between men and women.”

He has now written an article in an online academic forum, where he admits: “The problem is: I was wrong. Or, to be a bit more accurate, I got things partly right. But then, for the rest, I basically just made it up.” He goes on to say: “In my defence, I wasn’t alone. Everyone was (and is) making it up. That’s how the gender-studies field works. But it’s not much of a defence. I should have known better. If I were to retroactively psychoanalyse myself, I would say that, really, I did know better.”

The bits he got right were the archival research and accurate reconstructions of how people spoke in the past. These covered the “who, where and when” of historical research, but Dummitt admits that when it came to how and why people said what they did, he admits: “I had answers, but I didn’t find them in my primary research. They came from my ideological beliefs – even if, at the time, I wouldn’t have described this as ideology. Nor did my fellow scholars who adopted the same approach—and, unlike me, still do.”

Dummitt article

Editorial Comment: Dummitt is brave enough to admit that current gender theory is a triumph of ideology over biological and historical reality, but he doesn’t understand the true historical reality. The biological reality is that there are only two sexes – male and female. The historical reality is that Christ the Creator made human beings male and female. This is clearly stated in Genesis and affirmed by Jesus during His earthly life, as recorded in the Gospels.

The reason so many academics and increasingly strident social activists now control the conversation about gender and sexuality is that they have deliberately turned away from the real history of the real world as set out in God’s Word, and substituted a belief in an ever-evolving world with no Creator God in charge. This has left a vacuum that can be filled with any made-up idea that suits whoever is in power in education, media and the law.

Sadly, the church has to take some of the blame for ignoring this vacuum by not standing firm on the historical reality of Genesis, and in some cases actively embracing atheistic evolution.

Evidence News vol. 19, No.
9 October 2019
Creation Research Australia

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