City Trees

Urban trees prevent deaths, claim scientists, according to ScienceDaily 16 June 2020 and The Lancet Planetary Health, vol. 4, April 2020, doi: 10.1016/S2542-5196(20)30058-9.

Researchers in Philadelphia, USA, have used a method named Greenspace-Health Impact Assessment to estimate the effect of increasing the tree canopy area within the city. The method estimates the number of preventable deaths based on physical activity, air pollution, noise, heat, and exposure to greenspaces.

According to researchers: “In epidemiological studies, greenspaces in urban environments have been associated with physical and mental health benefits for city dwellers”. The Philadelphia study estimated between 271 and 400 premature deaths per year could be prevented if the urban tree canopy was increased to 30% of the city area, with the greatest impact in low socio-economic areas, which generally have fewer green spaces.

Leader of the study, Michelle Kondo, commented: “In recent weeks, as residents of many cities experienced quarantine conditions, we experienced a heightened need for public green space. While the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that we need to pay attention to our proximity to other people and take precautions to limit our contact, time outside in parks and forests has been critical to maintaining our mental and physical health”.

Link: ScienceDaily
Editorial Comment: Mankind’s first home was a beautiful, fruitful garden, filled with trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food (Genesis 2:8-9). We shouldn’t be surprised at the well-known health benefits of spending time in green spaces, especially where there are trees and water. When God had completed Eden’s Garden and placed the first man and woman in it, He declared it very good.

Sadly, since man sinned the environment has severely degenerated, but let’s not blame God because many people in the world live in places with no green space or trees, and die prematurely due to stress induced diseases.

But don’t forget, it doesn’t matter how many trees there are in a city, all the inhabitants are going to die at some time because death is the penalty of sin and the only real solution is to put your trust in the One who gave us life – the Lord Jesus Christ. All those who do this can look forward to living in a place filled with genuine life-giving trees and water of life. Read the description of the New Jerusalem and the River of Life in Revelation chapters 21 and 22.

Creation Research News
9 July 2020

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