Feather Flop 2 – Pterosaur “protofeather” according to reports in ScienceDaily 28 September 2020 and Nature Ecology and Evolution, 28 September 2020; doi: 10.1038/s41559-020-01308-9.

In 2018 a group of scientists led by Zixiao Yang of Nanjing University claimed they had found evidence that pterosaurs (flying reptiles) had proto-feathers. Their claim was based on fine filaments, less than one tenth of a millimetre thick, found in 30 pterosaur fossils. Three of the specimens had “feather-like branching filaments”, which led Yang and colleagues to classify them as “protofeathers”.

David Unwin from the University of Leicester’s Centre for Palaeobiology Research, and Dave Martill, of the University of Portsmouth have now re-examined the evidence and concluded the filaments are really fibres in the wing membrane of the pterosaurs, and the branching filaments are simply decaying fibres that are unravelling. Unwin’s and Martill’s report is entitled “No protofeathers on pterosaurs”.

Link: ScienceDaily

Editorial comment: We didn’t write up the original report on pterosaur “protofeathers” in our newsletters because we regarded the original evidence as flimsy. However, we have reported other claims that branched filaments were dino-feathers in the making, and with the help of evolutionist fossil bird expert Alan Feduccia, we have also commented that these are simply unravelling fibres from dinosaur skin. See our report Dino Feathers or Fibres here.

Our comments on so-called dinosaur feathers have now proven correct, and you need to know they were based on knowing the Word of God is true, and will stand up to any honest scrutiny. Genesis tells us that all living things were created in their fully formed state according to their separate kinds. Even though Pterosaurs could fly they are clearly a different kind from birds. All our observations of living things show that both living and fossil different kinds multiply after their kind. Pterosaurs appear in the fossil record as fully formed pterosaurs, and there is no evidence they changed into anything else.

The only reason for claiming to find feathers on dinosaurs is the belief that birds evolved from dinosaurs. This is also refuted in Genesis. Birds and pterodactyls were created on the fifth creation day, already fit for flight, but dinosaurs which by definition are land dwelling animals were created on the sixth creation day, along with all the other land-dwelling animals.

It is also correct that belief in evolution is a false faith that will fail when put to the test. No-one has ever seen one kind evolve into another, and the processes claimed to produce evolution, i.e. mutations and natural selection, only cause living things to degenerate.

Creation Research News 14 October 2020

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