Mouse plague madness from ultra-greenies claiming mice have rights so don’t kill them, despite the mouse plague downunder at present. Aleesha Naxakis, a media officer for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), is demanding farmers don’t kill the rodents running rampant in regional areas as she urges farmers to catch and release the rodents rather than kill them. PETA says for humans to kill mice is a discrimination called Speciesism which they claim “It’s a worldview that puts humans above any other animal.”

That hits the nail on the head as to why educators and theologians must reject and eject all the evolutionary nonsense taught in our schools and colleges. The only reason mankind has greater rights than mice is because The Creator God told us personally. “… you have dominion, and the mice don’t!”  See Genesis 1:26-31.  End of argument!

Creation Research News 19 May 2021

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