Editorial by John Mackay

Australia, August 30 – Prime Minister Anthony Albanese used his evolutionist atheist beliefs to proclaim the aborigines have been here for 65,000 years, and that voting ‘Yes’ in the coming referendum will celebrate the oldest culture on earth! Tragically, both his dates and claims are lies, based exclusively on pagan beliefs and atheistic evolution. Aboriginal activist and famous boxer Tony Mundine rejects the push for a Yes vote, claiming it will achieve nothing for Aboriginals. Divisive for sure but lies always do cut off people who tell the truth!

At the same time, on one high profile Aussie tourist destination Fraser Island (recently renamed K’gari) a celebratory aboriginal smoking ceremony was held inviting the spirits of their pagan ancestors back.  Now tourists and campers are increasingly being bitten by dingoes. These K’gari dingoes are claimed to be native, to be indigenous, and therefore come under a different set of rules to European dogs. But the reality is neither the dingoes nor the aboriginals have been here for any more than 4,000 years, and neither are indigenous since both came from India, where you can still see them. Warning -those who vote Yes, will be voting for two sets of rules, one for the dingoes, one for the European dogs, one for aboriginals and one for ‘the others’. The result will be the worst racial tension than has ever been seen in Australia -something aboriginal leaders are already complaining about.  That’s why the Creator God of the Bible teaches you can’t have one set of laws for the aliens and one set of rules for the people of God – only His rules are applicable because He is the Creator. (e.g. Exodus 12:49, Exodus 20:10)  He is the traditional owner. He is the only owner! If you’re going to put down European dogs for molesting people, then you must punish all molesting dogs, for the simple reason the Creator God has a rule about animals accepting their subservient place to humans and being punished if they don’t. (Genesis 9:5)

You’re right, this editor like Aboriginal Tony Mundine is voting ‘No’ at the coming referendum, and I am encouraging Christians (Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal) to do the same. On a recent visit to Gayndah (a country town in Queensland) a retired Pastor asked “Where is the Christian voice on this issue? Why can’t we hear church leaders saying anything? What does the Bible have to say about it?” He also said: “Thank you Creation Research for telling people the real truth about where all peoples come from, and how their real need is the one and only Saviour Jesus.”

John Mackay
Director Creation Research

Creation Research News 31 August 2023

FOLLOW UP: our dingo prediction proves valid as Australian First Nations groups demand immediate stop to killing dingoes as a control method. A declaration signed by more than 20 Indigenous groups says dingoes are a ‘cultural icon’ and killing them is ‘killing family’.  Reference: Guardian Australia 18 September 2023

We warn Aussies again that you can’t have two sets of laws to run a country anymore than you can have two captains on a ship. Not our rule, but God’s revealed law.

Creation Research News 21 September 2023

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