What about Jurassic Ark?  

We had many enquiries when the region around our Jurassic Ark (JA) outdoor museum site was flooded in March 2022.  People remember that previous floods in 2011 had caused a lot of damage.  Our comments and photos below.

Yes it’s true! The floods of 2011 took us right out, with lots of damage to Jurassic Ark requiring vastly expensive repairs. But it’s even more true that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Psalm 111:10), so our constant prayer is ‘Lord help us to walk in the light of Your Word’.  In 2021 we rebuilt the area around the fossil log site to survive a flood of 2011 height plus ½ metre (20in) and as a result our new buildings covering the fossil site are high and dry, as is the fossil site itself.  

Thank You Jesus, and thanks to those whose gifts enabled us to do this. Keep your gifts coming in.

Sunday 4 March 2022.  The road to that leads to Jurassic Ark site was completely under water apart from part of the bridge.
The entrance to the property where Jurassic Ark is located was also completely under water.
The fossil log site and covering sheds were kept safe and dry.
After the water subsided the road leading to Bell’s Bridge was impassable due to severe damage.  

Creation Research News 3 March 2022

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