Editorial by John Mackay

On Covid Control – A Personal Message From The Creation Guy:

They fear death but not God and seek salvation by Jab not Jesus, and fear is their key to power!

Yet so many who do believe this is their Father’s World and their body is His holy temple have emailed or called our Creation Research head office asking ‘What should we do about the Jab?’

Many University Students are paining with “I’ve been told my Uni career is down the drain if I don’t get the Jab”; or Bosses are sharing “My company will get no further contracts unless my workers are Jabbed!” Add to that the Medical Drs sharing how they won’t have the Jab and don’t advise it, but add “Don’t say I said it!” And then there’s the Parents who are told “Your children can’t come to our school if you’re not Jabbers,” … “What should we do?”

So what advice is correct to give re the Jab? How do we decide? Yes, we do have access to highly qualified medical scientists and professors, plus pastors and as well as lay folk and of course our Lawyer, so that does make it much easier. For this editorial alone, feedback was sought from some 20 people. Here’s what we have found.

At almost every level we have been able to confirm reports of deaths after covid vax or blindness or pregnancy problems, but when we ask; “Will you put your name to this?” – from layman to Professor the answer is almost always – “It would cost me my job!” One dear senior citizen reporting real post vax sickness problems in her town, finished with “I won’t name names as I don’t know who’s listening.” The whole nature of our western society has evidently been changed from being one of strong independence and openness, to a place where many fear the phone is tapped, their emails are read, or even their neighbours will report them. Such action is being openly encouraged as ‘the way to go’ at most levels of officialdom – even in dinki-di, downunder Oz.

It is interesting that The Australian newspaper on Sunday August 1 2021 (web post), published an article on how Health Authorities don’t know what to do with the significant number of doctors who are counselling patients to not have the Jab. It seems that a Dr’s oath to protect their patients has no value in the eyes of government when Doctors disagree with the government’s political position. Which translates to ‘by law doctors are not entitled to have any opinion, except the official one – or be de-registered!’ The fear of professional castration dominates even those willing to spill the beans or think differently, and Doctors Against Covid run closed covert meetings that have a verbal hash tag … ‘You can’t quote us!’ Even the August 11 Courier Mail reports many Aussie Drs won’t give the vax to under 60’s because the Aussie PM has not come good with his promise to grant them immunity against legal liability for damage, disease and death.

It has become a global trend to treat the unvaccinated as ‘unclean’, as the enemy onto which the yellow star of Covid is slowly and surely being boldly stitched, no matter what their qualifications. Equally obvious is that at every level, fear is the chief weapon being used to control God’s chief creation – mankind!

It is very evident to us that the innocent and ignorant may accept the illnesses and deny or ignore the death rate within a month of the Jab, simply regarding it as an acceptable price for community wellbeing as they excuse vax problems on the basis this is an urgent rush job by governments who are merely ‘Doing their best’, as they are constantly succoured by repeated putdowns from FACT-CHECKER or shouts of conspiracy, conspiracy, to deny any factual opposition.

Yet the majority they don’t even know that the death rate from the tetanus vaccine since the 1940’s has been a total of 2 people worldwide, and anyone can find out that many more have died after the Jab in just the last month! I remember when my friends suffered from polio and TB – it was a real issue. Seemed I was naturally immune and didn’t need any of those shots, but as someone who still remembers how long and hard I suffered from the common flu virus before flu shots, I am immensely grateful for those vaccines. But that was a world where Pfizer didn’t keep bumping its prices up, and fear was not public persuasion policy, and the drug companies weapon of choice.

Don’t be fooled by the emotional push of ‘doing your bit … we are in this together … remember your oldies! … get the jab now!’ But I am one of the oldies ones, and I fear loss of truth and freedom way more than the viral spreading of politicians self-centred control of populations.

Wherever you have politicians or medicos who have murdered millions who never had a chance to fight back through their policies on abortions, don’t trust their claims to care for your health. They are the ones beginning to now demand your children be free to make their own life decisions about Jab, or Gender, and even worse, they seek to bulk vaccinate schools without parental consult or consent. You are the Creator’s appointed protector and guardians of your own kids. Be that!|

As one refugee from behind the Iron Curtain shared … ‘It reminds him of his darkest days under communism’ … a time when controlling minds and men through fear was the norm. But none of this is freedom! Neither is it democracy, and all of it betrays a devil in every detail, as political powers and company kings enforce the sad fear ridden reality of compulsory and total vaccination. But now our ex eastern bloc friend knows that only the ‘Perfect love of Jesus casts out fear’ (1John 4:18) and because he is currently high up in the Medical Industry, he is also able to provide us with the ‘rest of the story’. Yes – sadly even he has told us that leaking what he has could cost him his job. What a world? Pray for us as telling the truth about the Creator and creation comes at a high price, but the tarnished price of silence is 30 pieces of silver.

Editorial by John Mackay
Creation Research News, 11 August 2021

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