Oldest Pterodactyl found in limestone quarry.  Researchers in Germany have studied an “exquisitely preserved” fossil of Pterodactylus antiquus – an extinct flying reptile, dated as 152 million years old.  This makes it the oldest specimen of this species of flying reptile. 

The fossil is almost complete, with only a few fragments missing.  The scientists wrote in their report: “Otherwise, the skeleton is nearly perfectly preserved with every bone present and in its roughly correct anatomical position”. 

Many other exquisitely preserved fossils have been found in the same quarry.  The research team also reported “Excavation conducted over the last 20 years yielded a rich and diverse fossil assemblage comprising abundant plant remains, invertebrates (including sponges, corals, crinoids, brachiopods, ammonites, coleoids, gastropods, crustaceans, echinoderms) and vertebrates.”  The vertebrates include fish, ichthyosaurs, turtles, dinosaurs, marine and terrestrial crocodile-relatives, as well as other pterosaurs. 

References: ScienceDaily 30 November 2022, Pensoft Publishing 30 November 2022; Fossil Record 28 November 2022, doi:10.3897/fr.25.90692

Editorial Comment:  If this really is the oldest pterodactyl then it is evidence that pterodactyls have always been fully formed, functional pterodactyls and show no evidence of having evolved from anything else.  This is exactly what you would expect from the Genesis account of creation, which tells us that flying creatures were created as flying creatures according to their kinds on the fifth creation day. 

The “rich and diverse fossil assemblage” of plants, sea creatures and land creatures, many exquisitely preserved, is also evidence that this fossil site is the result sudden burial of a large number of living things swept up in a large flood and then dumped together.

Creation Research News 31 January 2023

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