Rain Cloud

40 Year Aussie Rain Cycles

40 year Aussie rain cycles found, according University of Newcastle News and Australasian Journal of Water Resources doi: 10.1080/13241583.2018.1446677, 18 March 2018. Researchers at the University of Newcastle, Australia, Anthony Kiem and Greg McMahon, have carried out a survey historical flood date from 10 catchment areas in South East Queensland. Their work extended a study […]

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Global Warming Advisor Confesses

Global warming government advisor confesses science is leaving climate policies behind, as David Evans reveals in articles in the Australian, 18 Jan 2008 and ABC “Unleashed” 1 Aug 2008. David Evans was a consultant to the Australian Greenhouse Office from 1999 to 2005 and introduces himself as “the rocket scientist who wrote the carbon accounting […]

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Sunset Sea

No Wonder Trump Won

No wonder trump won, as BBC News and World Meteorological Organisation 14 November 2016 proclaim 2016 will be world’s warmest year on record, and this has been mimicked by media everywhere. According to the BBC, scientists are 90% certain 2016 will be the hottest year on record, based on nine months of data for this […]

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