Updated climate analysis from physicist Dr Heinz Lycklama now available. In May 2009 nuclear physicist Heinz Lycklama published “An Independent Analysis of Global Warming”. Since then the “Climategate” e-mail and data leak, along with several errors by the IPCC, have been revealed, and Heinz has updated his report. He summarises his findings as follows:

The science behind Climate Change is FAR from settled. (emphasis in original)
The “peers” involved in peer review were selected by the UN IPCC based on their biased support of the UN agenda.

Climate data used by the UN IPCC was “cherry picked” to support the UN agenda.

More and more climate scientists have dissented from the UN IPCC reports.

Some original climate data used to draw conclusions about Climate Change was deliberately destroyed.

Climate data was not made available to other climate scientists so that they could verify UN IPCC conclusions.

Any “climate change” legislation is very premature.

More information Heinz Lycklama’s research is available on the links below:

  1. http://www.heinzlycklama.com/climate-change/
  2. http://www.heinzlycklama.com/climate-change/global-warming-analysis/
  3. http://www.heinzlycklama.com/refutinggwa/

Evidence News, 28 April 2010