“Creationism is flooding the earth – start worrying now” said the front cover of New Scientist 22 April 2,000.

Their special report on creationism consisted of four articles including an interview with Tom Willis, head of the Kansas based Creation Science Association for Mid-America. The secular press allowed a creationist to speak for himself and the article (p.40) should be read by all. Another article, introduced as “Fighting Talk, How to argue the case for evolution” is an interview with Dr. Eugenie Scott, head of the anti-creation National Center for Science Education, where she advised evolutionists to refuse to debate creationists (p.47) and complained about getting raw deals on radio. Australian geologist, Ian Plimer, complains about his court losses against creationist Dr Allen Roberts.

Editorial Comment: Eugenie Scott is also well known to Creation Research as she received a “raw deal” from a Nashville USA radio talkback/debate with John Mackay in Nashville USA in 1999. The result was a good deal for creation as the secular station has played the debate program several times since.

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