Krishnas favour intelligent design as a 2006 meeting between John Mackay and University academics in Hungary brought to light an interesting phenomenon. The Intelligent Design (ID) movement has made leaps and bounds in some ex-communist countries, but the fact that it is not a Christian movement shows in its embracement by groups such as the Krishnas. Naturalistic, materialistic evolution undermines their desire for spirituality and a motivational meaning to existence. Intelligent Design – without any reference to the person of the God who did the creating – fits well the whole religion of Krishna.

ID gives you fuzzy gods whom you get to define thus making yourself a god also. Those who think they can talk about the creation without making reference to the Creator, fail in the most basic and profound philosophical starting point. You cannot even begin to recognise any evidence of creation, until you have some concept of the characteristics of the being doing the creating. For example, is he/she/it intelligent? Does he design? How would you recognise intelligent design? Is it the same as yours? Why do you assume you are intelligent enough to recognize the being/beings intelligence? For that matter, how would you distinguish unintelligent or materialistic design from intelligent or good design – particularly if you are the result of it?

Again we warn people that Intelligent Design is actually an enemy of Christianity until its gets round to humbling itself before the Creator, who is the Christ, the Lord Jehovah, Elohim, Jesus Saviour Redeemer and God.

Evidence News 14 March 2007

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